• Ninette James


    Posted by Ninette James Jan 24 - 4 votes - 63 views
    For the ladies whom would you prefer to be friends with most?
  • Ninette James

    Which is the best place to buy hair products in Nairobi

    Posted by Ninette James Jan 21 - 4 votes - 62 views
    If you reside in Nairobi specifically, we are spoilt for choice. Whether looking for relaxing hair products, natural hair products, etc there are so many places you can go. But which is the best place?
  • Neela Aisha

    Ni Ma3 gani inaweza sana Nairobi?

    Posted by Neela Aisha Jan 21 - 2 votes - 47 views
    Which is the hottest matatu in Nairobi
  • Angela  Anyango

    Who is the best Radio Presenter in Kenya?

    Posted by Angela Anyango Jan 21 - 5 votes - 79 views
    The Kenyan radio industry has been awash with many talented people behind the microphone and with many radios stations going on air daily, they compete for listeners and therefore parade their best presenters to battle it out for listener. These hosts have been famous with time and gained massive popularity within their listeners. But it comes down to this...who is the best?
  • Angela  Anyango

    Who is the best Citizen TV presenter?

    Posted by Angela Anyango Jan 21 - 7 votes - 71 views
    Citizen TV is a Kenyan television station owned by Royal Media Services. The television station has grown over the past few years, taking over the waves and stealing the hearts of many Kenyans with their wonderful programs, soap operas, local comedy shows, and most importantly, their intense and no-nonsense coverage of news. It is for this reason why we ask who is best in their game?
  • Isaac  Kinuu

    Ni Club gani ina tesa sana Nairobi?

    Posted by Isaac Kinuu Jan 21 - 2 votes - 52 views
    The hottest club in Nairobi right now?
  • Isaac  Kinuu

    Ni esto gani hukuwa na madame wafiti sana Nairobi?

    Posted by Isaac Kinuu Jan 21 - 5 votes - 45 views
    Which place has the finest girls in Nairobi