• Ninette James


    Posted by Ninette James Apr 5 - 1 vote - 7 views
    Which beer do guys mostly prefer?
  • Isaac  Kinuu

    Internet connection

    Posted by Isaac Kinuu Apr 1 - 1 vote - 10 views
    which guys provide the best fibrr internet connection for home?
  • Isaac  Kinuu

    impeachment of Ruto!

    Posted by Isaac Kinuu Mar 26 - 2 votes - 9 views
    Do you think Orengo has the will to pull this through? Ama ni hewa moto tuu?
  • admin

    Ruto’s 2022 bid

    Posted by admin Feb 28 - 4 votes - 26 views
    Murkomen insinuates unearthing of multi-billion corruption scandals a ploy to derail Ruto’s 2022 bid. Do you think its true?
  • Rob Mbuthia

    Corruption Dragon

    Posted by Rob Mbuthia Feb 28 - 3 votes - 38 views
    Raila proposes death penalty for corrupt officials to slay graft dragon. Do you agree?
  • Rob Mbuthia

    Hospital bills

    Posted by Rob Mbuthia Feb 28 - 2 votes - 34 views
    Parliament approves Moha Jicho Pevu's proposal to scrap of hospital bills upon death of patient. Do you agree?
  • Isaac  Kinuu

    Moses Kuria

    Posted by Isaac Kinuu Feb 19 - 5 votes - 31 views
    Do you think Moses has a chance at being the next president?
  • admin

    Do you think Kenya's Judiciary is aiding corruption ?

    Posted by admin Feb 3 - 2 votes - 51 views
    The leadership of the country is trying to fight corruption and they say the judiciary is hampering this fight. What is your say? Do you think that its true the judiciary is the incompetent party here?
  • admin

    Handshake : Uhuru Kenyatta & Raila Odinga

    Posted by admin Jan 28 - 4 votes - 46 views
    Do you think the handshake will yield the intended results?
  • Ninette James


    Posted by Ninette James Jan 24 - 4 votes - 56 views
    For the ladies whom would you prefer to be friends with most?