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  • 97

    Women Making A Mark

    Go getter women
    led by Duku

  • 141

    Nairobi Expats Market

    The Nairobi Expats' market is a platform for buying and selling or anything legal in Nairobi. This forum was primarily a selling point for expatriates living and working in Nairobi but the space.was eventually opened up to the general public. It...  more
    led by Jambo Tad

  • 335

    BBQ Smokies Business

    Many people on the kenyan streets consume the smokies daily which means that there will always be demand for this product. Join this group and learn how you can make it sustainable
    led by Deevona Quadros

  • 240

    Boda Boda Business

    Motor Bike business is a good business that pays handsomely. Join this group a get educated in how you can best grow in this business
    led by Isaac Kinuu

  • 397

    Car Wash Business

    Starting a carwash is a business that has alot paying potential.Get all the information you need here
    led by Tim Smyth

  • 176

    Child Care Business

    All you need to know to start your childcare business
    led by Bling Kev

  • 217

    Hairdressing Business

    Women hairdressing. Get all the information you need right here
    led by Bling Kev

  • 225

    Barbershop Business

    All you need to know about how to start and run a successful kinyozi business
    led by Bling Kev