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    Mixtape zone

    Djs showcasing there various Mixtapes
    led by Dupri D

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    Relationship Goals

    Quotes about relationships!
    led by Deevona Quadros

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    Guerilla Marketing Ideas

    Images speak louder than words. Here are some Guerilla Marketing Examples I’ve Ever Seen. Guerrilla Marketing (Guerilla Marketing) takes consumers by surprise, makes an indelible impression, and pops up where and when people least expect it. This form...  more
    led by Ninette James

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    Pizza Fridays

    How to make a pizza:
    Step 1: Place a pizza stone or an inverted baking sheet on the lowest oven rack and preheat to 500 degrees.
    Step 2: Stretch 1 pound dough on a floured pizza peel, large wooden cutting board or parchment paper.
    Step 3: Top as desired,...  more
    led by admin

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    Share home furniture

    Do you want to decorate your home, please come here to buy them.
    led by Virginia Van

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    Sandwich Anyone?

    Find a new favorite lunch.
    led by Deevona Quadros

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    Grilled Steak Group

    Love the grilled meat? ....Then this is the best place to get some quick recipes? Join this group and check them all out!
    led by Deevona Quadros

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    XS Millionares Club

    Dance & Night Club
    led by Edward Muiruri