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Lost Ark gate of paradise - Sea of ​​Indolence Boss

Posted By Tom Riva     Jun 15    


Lost Ark gate of paradise is the fourth set of abyssal dungeons. There are a total of 3 bosses and 3 abysses, namely "Sea of ​​Indolence", "Tranquil Karkosa" and "Alaric's Sanctuary". Very complex and challenging.

If a player wants to gain an early advantage over other players and bosses, be sure to understand its characteristics, prepare enough Lost Ark Gold to power up your character, enter raids, and take on the challenge.

Sea of ​​Indolence Boss 1

The four-headed dragonfish is the first boss the player encounters in the first set of the abyss, the player can get a random glove or ranged weapon, push the boss to where his companions will spawn, and make sure to tell your team to focus on his Shark buddy and kill him first because after killing him, you and your teammates will get a damage buff. The player can then focus on the boss and finish him.

Sea of ​​Indolence Boss 2

The second boss of the Sea of ​​Sloth is a large sea monster. Before players can even fight bosses, they first need to understand the breathing mechanics. Players need to worry that they will notice the circle above their heads. The circle represents your breath, which will slowly run out. It can only be replenished by being close to Bubble Plants or Bubble Rocks that the player may need to grab. The boss's yellow moves can drain the meter considerably, so be careful.

The boss' main action attack will petrify you, immobilizing you. The only way to get rid of the status effects is to wait a considerable amount of time or have teammates attack you and attack you, which will mobilize you again.

The boss also has a personal white mechanic who will choose one to spawn a safe zone. If you don't enter it before the boss attack, you will be defeated. The best way to defeat the boss in the best way is to have you and your teammates team up behind the boss and close to each other to prepare for the white circle's special attack.

As players fight him, they'll feel his fatal blow coming, and they'll have plenty of time to catch their breath if needed. Otherwise, we recommend that the player should hold his breath periodically to prepare for his movement, which will continue to damage each player while doing damage to him.

These tips will ensure that players can easily dodge damage, it is not enough to have these skills, you also need powerful DPS weapons, to have Lost Ark Items you must buy them with Gold, which is essential for players.

It is very difficult for players to have a large amount of Lost Ark Gold in a short period in the game, but it is not impossible. Smart players have already Buy Lost Ark Gold quickly from reliable suppliers, which is the most common practice for players.

RPGStash is a professional MMORPG supplier. Players can easily be found by the game officials if they pass the robot farm Gold. Therefore, you must rely on service providers like RPGStash that have a team of top players, who can provide you with legal Lost Ark Gold. Sold with fast delivery, safe transaction, and no worries.