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New EFT Flea Market fees unchanged

Posted By Tom Riva     Jun 8    


EFT Flea Market is very important for players, and many players will reflect that the cost is very expensive. With Traders' 30% off campaign coming to an end, many expect flea market fees to return to normal, is that true?

In May, Battlestate Games hosted an event where every Trader was selling items at 30% off, and considering the week before we closed the Market and Traders, it was the perfect time for players to replenish their stash. Originally, this was an opportunity for players to earn more Escape from Tarkov Money, but vendors are also buying items from players at a discount while selling items at a discount, so players who want to sell items won't earn EFT Money.

Raising taxes to try to control market inflation

High fees make users buy more from Traders rather than flea markets, an attempt to control the high prices of certain items in flea markets. This means you can't set the price of an item too high. The goal is to sell items cheaper but faster, which should speed up the process of the next wipe, as players won't be able to charge high prices on the market. It will be easier and cheaper to buy what you need.

It increases significantly when you raise the price above the trader's price. So the bigger the difference, the bigger the cost. This is why your fees may be different when you sell the same item two different times.

Will tax hikes drive users to RMT?

This change drastically reduces player profit margins, especially for rare items that used to make you rich.

On the one hand, it would be a good measure if it helps stabilize the in-game economy. On the other hand, the market is the master outside the game, adding human factors to the game, which is not in line with the naturalism of the game.

The flea market used to be an auction house where demand dictated prices, but now it's moving towards a regulated, balanced market where everything recommends the same price. The flea market tax was incorrectly calculated as an amount over the item's price, a bug that cost unwary players money,

There was a ridiculous post-event bug where the flea market tax was incorrectly calculated as an amount over the item's price. Those who weren't attentive enough to notice anything odd must have found out after the item was sold, and they were losing money instead of making money.

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