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RPGStash Lost Ark Guide - Una's Tasks and Token

Posted By Tom Riva     Jun 7    


What is Yuna's mission in Lost Ark?

There are multiple currency systems in Lost Ark, and different currencies have different functions. Lost Ark Gold is one of the most valuable currencies in the game, players can buy important weapons, equipment, etc. Therefore, players need more Lost Ark Gold, and Una's Tasks can help players get it.

Una's Tasks is one of the many quest systems in Lost Ark, where players can earn various rewards such as Combat XP, Silver, Gold, Pirate Coins, Roaster XP, etc. in Daily Quests and Americas Quests. So how to complete Una's Tasks?

Unlock Una's Tasks

Once the player reaches level 50, Una's quests will be unlocked and can be accessed after pressing ALT+J or selecting "Adventures" in the lower right corner of the screen, then selecting the "Una's Quests" tab. They are divided into four categories

Reputation Status
Guild Requests

Whether it is a daily mission or a weekly mission, the number of missions is limited and resets. After completing the task, there will be points reward, different amounts of Una's Token, and a reputation increase for certain NPCs. You can also earn Lost Ark Gold or other materials for completing missions, which are not to be missed.

Unlike daily quests, weekly quests revolve around completing end-game activities like dungeons, and are usually larger than daily quests, so make sure you're at the correct level before doing weekly quests. Increasing your reputation with some NPCs can even reward you with very useful Pirate Coins, so it is always recommended that you increase your reputation with NPCs as much as possible.

Lost Ark Una's Tokens Required Points

25 points award 27 Una's Token
35 points award in another 27 Una's Token
45 points award 36 Una's Token
55 points award in another 36 Una's Token
70 points award 54 Una's Token

If you complete all tasks in one week, you can get 180 Una tokens in one week.

Exchange Una Tokens

Once you claim Una's Token, don't worry if you didn't claim it before reset, you will receive it in the mail. Find merchants in any major central town and exchange Una's Token for a large gold bag, a small cafe, or a large gold chest.

RPGStash recommends that you save Una's Token once you get the Big Gold Chest, which is the most expensive item you can buy with Una's Token. Large gold chests cost 500 Una's Tokens. It takes about 3 weeks to get many Una tokens. If you buy a large gold chest, the normal will drop a very large amount of Gold.

There are many ways to get Lost Ark Gold, but you need to have enough patience and energy. RPGStash offers lost Ark Gold for casual gamers, if you don't have time and still want the best gaming experience, Buy Lost Ark Gold on, it is the best option.