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What are EFT Roubles used for?

Posted By Tom Riva     Jun 6    


Over time, Escape from Tarkov has been with players for a long time, but it still attracts many new players to join every year. This is indeed a game worth investing time in, I believe your choice. New players will have a lot of rewards after entering Escape from Tarkov. If we don’t know the main role of these rewards, we may waste a lot of EFT Roubles. Fortunately, many platforms such as RPGStash will continue to provide players with the best EFT Items and upgrade guide.

Escape From Tarkov Roubles Purpose

There are multiple currencies in Escape from Tarkov, including dollars, euros, rubles, and bitcoin. The most important of these are EFT Items, which you can find in all quests and buy items from merchants. Therefore, every player wants to have more EFT Roubles.

Players will want to spend EFT Roubles on the following items:

Lucky Scav Junkbox
“Storage case for different items and goods that you need for barter (besides consumables, keys, intel, and so on).”
This container allows for 196 additional inventory slots, while only taking up 16 slots in the player inventory. It’s great for stashing a vast number of items in the early game.
New players will want to save up and buy this item from the Therapist. However, it can also be crafted.
Items Case
“Storage case for different items and goods.”
This container provides 64 slots of additional inventory. It takes up 16 slots in the player inventory.
New players can buy this from the Therapist. Items cases are great for newcomers who have limited inventory space, especially for those with the Standard Edition of the game.
Purchasing keys will allow access to different routes and exits, as well as rooms with better gear.

Novices also need to know how to track and complete tasks. Without it, it's hard to know exactly what to do next in the game. Unlike other games, Escape from Tarkov erases progress with new updates, so players don't have to rely too much on characters in EFT.

If you want to stand out in every mission, then you must have good equipment, which requires you to accumulate rewards and experience in each mission. However, not all players will invest the time. If you already know how EFT is played, then you can ask a professional team to help you get a lot of EFT Roubles or Items, which is very convenient.

RPGStash is such a professional game service team, you can Buy EFT Items directly from here, they have a professional supply team to help you deliver the full amount of EFT Roubles in the shortest time, 100% safe, 24/7 online service, yes The most trusted EFT store.