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Photo 10 of 21 in 20 Royal Rules Kate Middleton Broke

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When Kate spent $5.26 million refurbishing the apartment that she shares with Will, Buckingham Palace had no choice but to defend her. As the press exploded with furious backlashes over the seven-figure amount, there was as much anger as there was detail. Over $5 million went towards installing a new roof, overhauling the electrics, and plumbing work, according to The Express – something the Queen is reported as considering "wasteful." It doesn't stop there. Kate out-spent every other royal with her $214,400 wardrobe in 2016. The Huffington Post reported that Kate's thrifty side has become a thing of the past, and that her closets are full of designers like Chanel and Alexander McQueen.

"Wasteful" is what the Queen thinks of Kate's spending. The $5 million home renovations didn't go down well. Nor did the $214,000 Kate spent on one year's worth of clothes.

Kate's extravagant spending isn't within the royal tradition. While living in luxury is a given for this family, showing it off in a flashy manner isn't. Kate wore a bespoke dress worth $7,765 to the 2017 BAFTA Awards. For her royal visit to Paris, Kate rocked up in a $10,500 Chanel coat, plus a clutch from the French designer (worth $4,700). Meghan used to live for fashion and style. We've already seen her drab outfits. What's going to happen when this California girl wants to shop?

Deevona Quadros's Album: 20 Royal Rules Kate Middleton Broke

DESCRIPTION : Here are 20 royal rules that Kate Middleton broke that the newbie royal will need to watch out for. If you think 29 million people watching you walk down the aisle is scrutiny – no kidding. That's how many people are estimated to have watched Meghan Markle say, "I do" to Prince Harry on May 19th, 2018. As we watched that 15-foot train follow a stunning Meghan in her custom-made Givenchy gown, we knew she had made the right choice. Megan fell for Harry after a blind date in 2016. Harry has personally said that he feels their love was "written in the stars." Here's something else that's written when you become a royal. It's called a big fat rulebook. From banned foods to teacup holding, this family has more rules to follow than the Church of Scientology. And guess what? Some royals can behave badly. When Kate Middleton married Prince William back in 2011, People reported that the event cost a staggering $36 million. What they didn't report, though, were the endless rules Kate would have to follow. (Especially the ones she broke – and boy, does she break them) Most people clicked on this for two reasons. To find out what those rules are, and to find out how Kate broke them. For all the "royal-appropriate" balcony waving and matching hats you've seen Kate in, this girl is one giant rule-breaker. Kate has earned herself more hours in detention than hours she's been married. Meghan needs to watch out. Here are 20 royal rules that Kate Middleton broke that the newbie royal will need to watch out for – if Meghan isn't reading this, she really should. Courtesy of RICHEST.COM