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Joy Kavute's Album: Hamisa Mobeto

DESCRIPTION : Hamisa Mobetto and Diamond Platnumz’ son, Dylan Dangote is just as photogenic as his father and mother and to celebrate him getting one year older, Hamisa Mobetto and her children took professionally taken photos by one Benard Tilio in a safari themed photo shoot and it was absolutely amazing beyond what words could explain. Hamisa Mobetto wore African regalia with nondescript sandals that rather complimented her attire with the little “lion” Dylan just aside of her serving mother-son goals like you have never seen before. It’s evidently clear that the heir to Diamond Platnumz’s properties already knows how to look nice in everything he wears. His handsome self is sure bound to break women’s hearts in the future, he is way too handsome and got everything figured out at a very young age.